Do Termite Bites?

We all have heard about termites, have even seen them in our houses. It is really important to have an idea about the creatures residing in our house. And to get an idea about termites, let’s start with a common question… 

Do termites bite?

Termites may reside in our home but chances of them biting us are very rare. They prefer spending their time in the dark. Yes, they may cause harm to our possessions but not to us. The chances are very, very less.

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Every other query related to termites’ bite, their cure, and how dangerous it can be will be answered in this article.

For all the dog owners, don’t worry we have covered your concern too. Are termites harmful to dogs or not? The answer to this question is covered here as well.

How Dangerous are Termite Bites

Do Termite Bites?

Termite bites are not that dangerous. It only feels like a pinch when we get bitten by them. They are not regarded as harmful to humans or even animals. 

We may feel itchy for some days but that is a rare case. No toxin or illness is related to termite bite.

But there comes a case, in which we have to be cautious i.e. in the case of babies. Their skin is not tough as adults so it is necessary to protect them. 

Identifying Termite Bites

A red bump. That is the appearance of a termite bite. It leaves only a tiny red dot on our skin.  This bump may swell in the skins of some individuals as they may have sensitive skin or skin-related issues. 

But it is very unlikely for us to notice a termite bite as they have small jaws so it’s uncommon for them to leave a huge mark. 

Also, it is quite tough to identify termite bites. As it has already been mentioned that it is not that harmful, So the chances of it getting worse are very less thus making it difficult to spot one.

Initial Response

Initial first aid tips after getting bitten by a termite:

  • Wash the affected area with soap and water
  • The cold compressor can be applied
  • Antihistamines can be used in case of swelling or itching, while acetaminophen can be used for pain 


Identifying Termite Bites

Termites enter homes and buildings through the wood so building barriers where woods are present will be effective in stopping them. 

  1. Every piece of furniture in your yard should be sealed. 
  2. Cracks on the outside wall should be checked and packed. 
  3. Water shouldn’t be allowed to be built around our houses. 

If you still face a termite problem, you can go for professional pest control services. It might be a bit inconvenient and cost more but chemical treatment will remove termites and also prevent further damage to your house. 

Are Termites Harmful to Dogs?

The answer for this will be the same as for humans. It is very unlikely that termites may bite dogs and even if they do, dogs rarely face problems afterward.

To be safe, it is always recommended to hire a pest control when having pets at home. 


Termite Bite

Termite bites are not harmful to us, the adults, but as we have discussed how they may harm babies, we need to treat them as soon as possible. Our children should be protected so treating termites should be our priority. 

The precautions are not that complex and they can be done very easily. All we have to do is be cautious and look for spots that may attract termites and then treat them immediately.

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